Recently updated on January 30th, 2022 at 04:02 pm

A shrine “Yunoyama-myojin” and a hot spring were constructed by the local lord during the Edo period. The hot spring bath is now designated as an important tangible folk culture property. Also we have two volumes of sketches/diary by the official artist of the Asano clan, Oka Minzan, which was recorded during his 8- day journey from Hiroshima Castle town through Yuki Town to Yamagata-gun, Tsushimi-mura village (current Kita Hiroshima Town). On this historical walk, we will follow his footsteps. This event in 2020 is also recognized as the 400th anniversary of the Asano clan’s occupation of Hiroshima Castle.

We are planning to offer eight different walks this year. We hope that many people will join us on one of these historical walks looking back on the old days.