Welcome back to Yuki, Clear Spring Town

A one-hour drive from Hiroshima City brings you into the heart of great nature. Have fun in Yuki!

Only an hour’s drive from the centre of Hiroshima City brings you to Yuki, a hidden hot spring resort of Hiroshima. The facility opened in 2009 and has been used as a venue for many hands-on activities with themes ranging from nature, traditional farming and forestry to history and culture. We look forward to having you for hiking, harvesting, camping/BBQ and various activities in the river such as shower-climbing.



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“Okuyuki Shower Climbing” & “a guided hiking tour
“Panoramic view of Setouchi islands”

We offer activities for both adults and children to thoroughly and safely enjoy the beautiful nature of Yuki Town. Why not try “Okuyuki Shower Climbing” in a spring which eventually turns into a river that runs through Hiroshima City or a guided hiking tour where you can come in direct contact with changes of each season on the way to the summit.

Yuki River Sauna

Yuki River Sauna

Its popularity has been gaining momentum in the Kanto area. We had a trial day event in February 2020, which attracted people even from as far away as Tokyo.  All the sauna lovers in Hiroshima who attended the event created quite a heated atmosphere.  Of course, first-timers are welcome to our monthly get-together (except summertime).
Also some rental tent saunas are available at any time.