With a view of mountains and right by the river, this grassy spot is ideal for BBQ. Go home refreshed with a hot spring bath afterwards.

Rental Fee:

4,000 yen/BBQ grill set (L)(3hrs, eco charcoal 6kg) for up to 20 people

3,500 yen/BBQ grill set (M)(3hrs, eco charcoal 6kg) for up to 15 people

2,500 yen/BBQ grill set (S)(3hrs, eco charcoal 3kg) for up to 10 people

2,000 yen for the permit to bring your own (only on the grass area)

We ask you to have the right number of BBQ sets for the size of your group. 500 yen is charged for every hour of extension.

You can book either a space under the roof or on the grass (first come first served basis).

Accessories: BBQ gill set includes: BBQ base with a grill, a long tong, lighter (long), a pair of metal chopsticks (for handling charcoal), charcoal, a fan, fire starter, a table and a chair
Optional goods: Charcoal (3kg) 700 yen, iron sheet 500 yen, power access 500 yen, 1 hour extension fee 500 yen
Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Grass area 10:00-15:00)
If raining, you can move to a space with a roof depending on its availability.
Paying method: Cash or PayPay